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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.3

I think Lyra brings up an important point. I'd say that while Severus does herioc actions and can be considered a hero, he isn't the hero, making his classification a bit difficult. As the definition posted suggests, an anti-hero is often a protagonist. If one considers that part of the definition crucial, then Snape is not it, as he isn't the one central character. If not, though, he can probably fit the title.

I think the antagonist label is a little problematic, though, because (as has been pointed out) he isn't truly attempting to stop the hero, he only appears to be from the PoV of Harry. Personally, I'd say that Harry's incomplete knowledge of Snape and his belief that Snape is a bad guy doesn't exactly determine Snape's role in the overall story because Harry (until the end) lacks all the information needed to make a judgement.

There is also the role of the antagonist: they exist to oppose the hero in their endeavors. Snape's a bit difficult to pin down, IMO, because he is supportive in one goal of Harry's life (destroying Voldemort/winning the war) and antagonistic in Harry's social life. I don't know nearly enough to make a judgement as to what title he fits exactly, but I think there are many other terms out there that may apply to him, or he may perhaps not be so easy to fit into any category perfectly.

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