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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.3

Originally Posted by giftedkid527 View Post
As I've mentioned before, Charity Burbage died directly because of Snape.
I disagree.Charity being at Malfoy Mansion had nothing to do with Snape and he did not kill her, that was all Voldemort's doing. If Snape had in anyway attempted to save her, both of them would most certainly have been killed. This would have left the Carrows full reign at Hogwarts and more importantly, Harry would never have received the message that he had to die in order to finish Voldemort. Under the circumstances Snape did the right thing, imo.

Additionally, unless you believe that we have a full account of the acts of Severus Snape, there is a good chance there are more deaths out there that came at the hand of Severus.

As I see, it this being a work of fiction all that we have is in the books. Therfore, if JKR didn't write about it it never happened.

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