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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.3

Originally Posted by snapegirl View Post
He never used an Unforgivable on any student. He was Headmaster during a time when Voldemort was in charge of the Wizarding world. As Headmaster, I believe he did everything in his power to protect the students. He vowed this to Dumbledore.

Decision to take the life of who? Charity? He didn't capture her, kill her or feed her to a snake. Voldemort did. The Carrows tortured the students, he didn't. Without blowing his cover as a spy, it is my opinion he did the best he could.
Refusing to stop the taking of her life, and passing up an opportunity to prevent it from happening is just as good as doing it himself. Allowing the cruciatus curse to be performed on his students is as good as doing it himself.

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