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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.3

Originally Posted by boushh View Post
I don't believe that Harry named his son after the man simply because he was brave. He was making a particular point with that statement. I look at how Harry reacted to everything in TPT and how he brought up Snape from that moment on. I think the way he defends Snape and uses him in his duel with words against Voldemort is very telling.

We know that he was partially responsible for the deaths of James and Lily. IMO, his bad choice was joining the DE and after working for them for less than a handful of years he then worked for 17 years or so on the opposite side. IMO, in that time he learned and improved a lot.

Shouldn't that count for more, especially since all we really know of his work as a DE was that he was a glorified eavesdropper? IMO, he made mistakes, but his mistakes don't negate all the stuff he did after that. And yeah, I know he was a mean teacher, but I don't believe he wanted bad things for his students or others.

I'm sorry, but I don't mean to insult anyone. I'm trying to talk about a fictional character and expressing my opinion of him. It happens to not agree with yours, but I don't think voicing my opinion that I think Severus Snape was at his core a good if flawed man should be taken as an insult towards real life people. If one finds that opinion insulting then that is not my problem. I don't mean it as a personal insult towards good people in the world.
Why do the good deeds outweigh the bad ones?

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