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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.3

Originally Posted by giftedkid527 View Post
I find attempting to look at the situation from an objective standpoint often leads to the clearest perception of the true situation. While it's possible that Lily's death was a "wake up call" that turned him into a great person, I find that I fully disagree with the notion that a person can "snap" out of being a "bad" individual. Snape never fully leaves behind his lovely personality that so ingratiated himself with the marauders, and thus doesn't seem to have changed 100%. He also seems to have retained his vindictiveness, his loathing, his grudges, and his ability to hate, as well as his inability to render sound judgement upon a subject to whom his feelings are ill-intended. Does he not rule over a school that allows students to use the Cruciatus curse on its students? Now, while Snape himself, presumably, is not actually administering the curse, the fact that he allows it to happen is fairly, to coin a phrase, Unforgivable.
Imo, just because Snape didn't socialize with the Order or wasn't a "nice" teacher, that doesn't mean he didn't change 100% as you say. People do not have to be friendly, nice, or have a winning personality in order to do the right thing. And Snape did the right thing for the majority of his life.

I could also argue that Snape was never totally "bad", but joined the Death Eaters in a misguided attempt to gain acceptance. He picked the wrong path as a teenager. As a young adult he saw how horrible his choices were and started, from the moment he meets Dumbledore on the hilltop, to work for the Order.

Imo, it's safe to say that Snape had to tolerate certain things at Hogwarts while he was Headmaster. After all, he was placed there by Voldemort and the Carrows were teaching. If he seemed to protest the punishment too much, Voldemort would have gotten suspicious. I think he did the best he could given the circumstances. We see him punish Ginny, Luna, and Neville by making them go to Hagrid's. Imo, even going into the forest with Hagrid is much better then what the Carrows would have done.

Also the other teachers protected the students as best they could. It was a terrible time at Hogwarts, but I don't see how Snape could have prevented the Carrows and the punishments with out blowing his cover.

Another thing... Severus allows Burbage to die in front of him, pleading for her life. Why does Severus allow this to happen, when he can stop it? Is it not because stopping it would lead to Severus' own death? Couldn't he run, grab her, and apparate out of there?
If he grabbed her and ran for it, how would he continue to work against Voldemort? He would have been killed, imo. Even if he gotten away with it, Voldemort would know Snape wasn't loyal to him. The Carrows would have gotten control of Hogwarts, Snape couldn't help Harry get the sword of Gryffindor, he couldn't take orders from Dumbledore's portrait. Snape being in Hogwarts and having Voldemort believe he's loyal is extremely important to Voldemort's downfall, imo. So I do not see a way for him to save Charity (whom I believe he didn't know was captured until he walked into the room) and retain his cover.

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