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Re: Comments on New CoS Forums Features

Originally Posted by Colonel_Fubster View Post
Thank Ali, but that doesn't really explain how to do the various things, or even what they are. Something like Alastor's "Siggies for Dummies" (only for profiles) would be perfect for me, whenever someone has the leisure time to make it. There's no rush, but it might be helpful for some of the other fogies like me.
There's an explanation how to get started here. Look under 'Customize Profile'.

I would go for the try and error method. Go to 'Customize Profile'. You'll see many tables, which probably won't tell you exactly what they're supposed to do or where they are located at your profile. But that's no problem: click on the colour side bars and just try out changing some colours. You'll figure out very fast which table changes to which colour if you use the preview option (even faster if you use some unusual colours at first to see where a table is located). That's how I got used to the feature.

Since there's a reset button, you can't do much wrong. If you don't like what you tried out, just turn it back to default.

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