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Re: Comments on New CoS Forums Features

Originally Posted by Colonel_Fubster View Post
Neither do I. Is there a chance of one day having a very step-by-step tutorial for those of use who have no idea how to use this feature? I looked at the one Morgoth has up, but it doesn't really help.
*is barely computer literate*
Does this help?

Originally Posted by miri View Post
Hello... I hate to drop in after so long that about 2/3rds of the areas here are new to me (bad Miri!) and then complain... But my cute little wavy avatar gets blown up to considerably larger than its normal size in some places (like the new social groups area, and when I view my friends), and gets all pixellated I've had it for far too long to change it, and most sites that will give me bigger smilies are likely to give me spyware too...

Any chance that it can not be stretched, or am I just about the only user with an avatar about 1/10th the maximum size?
welcome back!

I'm afraid there isn't much i can do at the moment without messing with the layouts. but, if you have photoshop (image ready in particular) you could add a couple of transparent pixels to the gif to make it atleast 60px 60px?

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