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Re: Snape and Dumbledore: Joint Character Analysis

I believe their relationship was that of a father/son or mentoring sort. When Snape first came to DD, DD gave him firm guidance and showed him the compasion he needed to mend his broken soul. I don't think Snape knew how to show regret or even had a strong male figure in his life considering his unstable upbringing, housemates and companions.
As for having Snape killing DD. I liken this to the euthanasia issue. DD knew that the end wasn't far off and chose to have control over his death. Just as a father relies on his family to carry out his last wishes, DD entrusted Snape to carry out his. No one else would have done it. The other professors would have protested. Although Snape protested somewhat, he respected DD and knew DD was right in how things must work to ensure Harry had the best chance to kill Voldermort.

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