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Re: Snape and Dumbledore: Joint Character Analysis

1. What do you believe Snape and Dumbledore's relationship was based on?
I think they originally came together because they both needed something from the other. Snape needed Dumbledore to protect Lily. Dumbledore needed a spy. Once Lily was dead, Snape needed a way to atone for his role in her death. Dumbledore needed help keeping Harry alive.

2. How do you think Dumbledore felt about Snape through the course of the series? Did his views on Snape change?

I think Dumbledore’s opinion of Snape changed quite a bit as the years went on. Snape was very loyal and brave, two things that Dumbledore valued. I think he was more lenient with Snape than he should have been, in my opinion, because he valued him so much.

3. How do you think Snape felt about spying for Dumbledore? Did he resent his job?

I don’t think he resented his spying job. I always felt that the way he talked to Bellatrix in Spinners End showed how proud he was to have achieved such a high place in Voldemort’s camp. He also had an important role in the Order. I think the spying job allowed him to use some of his best talents and skills.

4. Did Dumbledore and Snape fully trust one another?
I think Dumbledore’s trust in Snape was very good, but limited. He would not tell him about the horcruxes for instance. Dumbledore is very aware that too much power is very tempting. He also can’t take a chance that Voldemort will learn something that would really ruin his plans. I think that Snape trusted Dumbledore for the most part. He was angry that Dumbledore wasn’t telling him everything. He probably wondered how many things Dumbledore was really hiding from him.

5. Do you think Severus was jealous (in a sibling-type way) of Dumbledore's fondness for Harry?
Absolutely. Snape considered himself to be Dumbledore’s main confidant when it came to Voldemort, in my opinion. He probably knew that Dumbledore was spending a lot of time with Harry. I think he was jealous of it. And it probably has a parallel to the feelings Snape felt when he found out that Lily liked James better than she liked him.

6. Do you believe Dumbledore consciously saw the parallels between his own story and Snape's?
Yes. That is why Dumbledore knew he could ask so much of Snape. He knew what the power of love could do.

7. Dumbledore and Snape worked together for years before Harry showed up. How do you think their relationship changed once Harry came to Hogwarts?
I think before Harry showed up, Dumbledore and Snape had a normal Head master-teacher relationship. There would not be a whole lot to do.
Did it change once Voldemort returned in GoF?
I think that once Voldemort returned, Snape’s role became much more dangerous. This was the real test, too. Dumbledore would need to work very closely with Snape to make sure Voldemort was convinced that Snape was still his spy. Dumbledore would need to depend a lot more on Snape then he had before.

8. How would you characterize their relationship when Severus was a student? Do you think that Albus may have been aware of Severus’ interest in the Death Eaters while he was at Hogwarts?
I think that Dumbledore wouldn’t really have paid much attention to Snape until the werewolf incident. He may have kept a close eye on students that were interested in joining the Dark Side, though.

9. Do you think it's just a coincidence that Harry names the same son after both of these men, or do you believe that Albus and Severus are inexorably linked in Harry's mind? Does Harry see the similarities in them as well? Or is it simply that they both shaped and influenced his life - for good and bad - in so many ways?
I think Harry valued the fact that both of these men worked really hard to help him, protect him, and devote so much of their life to him. He also valued Snape’s loyalty to Dumbledore and his love for his mother.


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