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Re: Severus Snape's Death v2.

1. When you read Snape's death scene, how did you react?

I continued reading ... ? Actually, I was surprised, because up to then, Snape was clearly LV's right hand man, easily demonstrating himself to be the most competent of his henchmen. But then again, LV isn't rational.

2. Could Snape have done more to prevent his own death, at least in this manner or was it inevitable?

He didn't see it coming until it was a little too late. All he could do was repeat, "Let me bring you the boy". How do you prevent LV from killing you if he wants to? Snape was among the most powerful of wizards, but..

3. Do you consider Snape's death fitting with the tragic life he had brought upon himself?

Very poetic, yes.

4. Was it the sort of death you thought you'd ever see in the Harry Potter novels, bearing in mind it was more brutal and bloody than death at the hands of the Killing Curse?

Yeah, but there are far worse ways to die. No biggie, really. I think for LV, it was a less personal way to do it., since, technically, Nagini killed him.

5. Up until his death what had your thoughts been on whether Snape would live or die and what were your reasons for believing what you did?

I was pretty sure Snape would die at Harry's hands !

Snape's Legacy

6. When Snape saw Harry do you believe he activated the memories to come out of him or do you believe they would have come out anyway regardless of whether anyone showed up?

That doesn't appear to happen upon every wizard or witches death - I'm very sure Snape did that himself, and in fact controlled exactly which memories Harry needed to see. What surprised me is that Harry never questioned the validity of those memories, especially since they asked him to die! He took it all a little ... too well, I think.

7. Do you believe Snape would have planned his death and made preparations to disclose the information Harry needed had Harry not been there at that time? What other ways could he have disclosed remnants of his past without alerting Voldemort?

No. But I would hope that Snape had some method in mind for convincing Harry what he needed to do. How do you convince someone they need to die for the greater good? Especially when that person hates your guts and doesn't trust you one iota? There was really no other way for it to happen, actually, which makes it a bit convenient.... maybe a little too convenient. JKR never left us any information regarding how Snape planned to talk to Harry before his death.

8. After you read the next chapter 'The Prince's Tale', did your feelings change at all regarding his death and the character?

About 70%. I had thought Snape was evil through and through before especially after Spinners End, but even though he turned out to be working for DD, as Jo says, he's still not a hero. He was a nasty man no matter how you slice it. Frankly I still have issues with the whole "he did it for Lily" thing.

9. Do you believe Snape's death was the right way for Jo to bring closure to his self-induced tortured life?
Well, it worked, so sure, I guess, although I would have preferred a chance for live reconciliation between Harry and Snape. What a discussion that would've been!

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