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Re: A Game of Thrones

Okay, If I could interject just for a moment. I find that table quite troubling, on those shows for which I have a reference point.

Justified--I like that Raylan and Art are at similar points of Goood and Likeability. I understand Winona being slightly Hateable because she has occasional daft moments (like stealing the money from the evidence locker and her impulse control and taste in men are both suspect). But why is Tim so likeable and Rachel slightly Hateable? Tim is a boring drunk who retains his sniper skills. Rachel is more interesting and her worst trait is she doesn't suffer fools gladly (a plus in my book). Boyd should probably be right next to Al Capone on the Likeable Villain scale. I think they overestimate Ava's charisma, but the character has developed some positive qualities. I honestly don't understand the rating of Wynn Duffy. Niche inteerest doesn't always translate to likeability.

Scandal--Olivia is likeable, but she's a White Hat. She's in the wrong quadrant. I like the rating of Cyrus as evil and manipulative, but slightly sympathetic occasionally. I like that Mellie is considered completely hateable, but I think her scheming and ambition are undersold, I think she should be below Cyrus and all the way to the right in the bad quadrant.

I find it strange they bothered to rank Dexter, but no one else from his show. I think his charisma and Boyd's are about equivalent.

Most of the Game of Thrones rankings I understand--except, I think they're underselling Ceresei's evil and hateability and drastically underselling Tywin. I think Arya's, Sansa's, and Joffrey's rankings are accurate. They inhabit the corners very well. Tyrion's is close to accurate. However, Dany is a complete misfire. On the show, Dany is a much better and more likeable character than they are showing. I'd put her near where they have Saul from Homeland.

Anyway, back to our wait for Joffrey's wedding which will probably be midway through next season.

I finally made it!

No worries. No spoilers here.
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