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Re: The Maze Runner Series by James Dashner

Originally Posted by bellatrix93 View Post
I found the ending quite unsatisfying as well. I don't know, but it just didn't encourage me to pick the next book. Maybe it's just that I didn't like the writing, even though I liked the concept,
I just finished Maze Runner last week and... I don't know. It was just alright for me.

I liked the concept of the kids being trapped in the center of a maze and how their entire existence pretty much revolves around solving the maze but there were just too many things that bothered me about the book to say that I really liked it.

The biggest thing for me was that I figured out
Spoiler: show
about half-way through the book that the maze was probably forming letters of some kind and when I can figure out something like that so early in the book my enjoyment of said book gets reduced by a factor of about 5.

Spoiler: show
being the one, the key, to solve the maze was very convenient to me, too. A little too convenient and I wasn't a big fan of his telekenetic connection with the girl at all, or this unexplained attraction to her - felt fake.

The Glader slang of "Klunk" "shuck" etc. felt wholly contrived to me and I never could take it seriously whenever one of those words was injected into the dialogue. The podcast Writing Excuses, I think, ruined this one for me: the had an episode on world-building or something in which they stated something like "you don't have to invent a Schnoozenhauser to do the job of a horse - just use a horse." That's pretty much how I felt about the slang - that it was invented and used as a conceit in order to keep the book in the YA market since using the actual swear words with the frequency they are used by the Gladers would have forced the book into the adult market.

The other major issue I had was with the characterization of Thomas. He seemed to be conveniently compliant when he needed to be and conveniently defiant when he needed to be: case in point, his first time at the Keeper meeting where it's stated over and over again that he wants to interject something except that Newt (or was it Alby) told him to keep quite and he didn't want to break their rule - but then he out after Minho and the other dude as the maze walls are closing...

Also, I never ever got the feeling that Thomas ever liked Chuck so it was unbelievable to me that
Spoiler: show
he would have cared enough about him to drag him along to the Griever Hole, let alone how upset he got when Chuck died.

There were several other things that bothered me about the book, including the non-ending. I'm not a fan of those at all (the book The Variants had the same kind of ending and I hated it, though I liked that book -and that concept- a lot more than The Maze Runner). At this point the only way I'd continue with the series is if I found the second and third books for the same price as I found Maze Runner ($4) but that's somewhat unlikely since the third book just came out in October I guess (?).

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