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Originally Posted by Melaszka View Post
Have you ever actually heard anyone say "I could love you more", though? To me it sounds incredibly stilted.
I just gave the first example that went through my head. However, it is very possible that someone says "I could have loved you more" - I believe there are even songs lyrics that say that. That's irrelevant to the discussion, though. My point was simply that no one would say "I would love you more" when they meant "I love you so much, I couldn't love you more", in parallel with the "I could [not] care less".

All those negatives, double negatives or mixed positive/negative, etc. can be confusing. I never did make out what "Yes we have no bananas" meant.

... the much cited old chestnut that "I don't want no dinner" is "confusing" because "people might think you meant that you DO want dinner".
I didn't know that double negatives were correct in Chaucer's day. Here in the US it's mostly (in my experience) Black people who use a double negative meaning a positive, like at a self-service eating place, the person at the register may ask you "You don't want no salad?" - and I very often (I can't help it) correct our handyman when he uses the double negative, or when he says "you didn't went to..." instead of "you didn't go to", but that's a different matter.

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