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Re: Feminism: Definitions and Opinions

Originally Posted by canismajoris View Post
Is this really the position you wish to defend?

Yes. I have a cynical outlook on life and that will never change. I don't ignore the accomplishments because they have indeed happened. Listing them won't change my mind, however. When you have a world where women are seen as inferior by millions, if not billions, that line of thinking won't be eradicated. What goes on in the middle East in regards to women will never change. Every church around the world allowing women to preach the gospel will never happen. Equal pay in America, even if a bill is signed into law, will not be followed by all employers. If you want to put words in my mouth and make it look like I think we should give up when striving for equality, that's your prerogative. Even though I think the goal for complete equality will never happen, at least trying increases the chances of attainability.

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