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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.3

JKR: Yeh. He's spiteful. He's a bully. All these things are still true of Snape, even at the end of this book. But, was he brave? Yes, immensely.
I'm still confused about the context of that statement. I've been asking for some canon to prove her statement for the past three years because I can't think of any way that Snape was a bully "at the end of this book" meaning Deathly Hallows. How was Snape a bully in DH?

At the end of the book all I see is the "bravest man" quote and before the "understands love while Voldemort doesn't" and before that "the abandoned boy of Hogwarts" and before that "Anything, Always" and "Look at Me."

So JKR is entitled to her own perception of the finished book, but I can't see what she is talking about. I still find it rather bizarre that JKR didn't seem prepared for the Snape/Hero question in that first interview and that she had to keep explaining it for the whole time she was on tour in the U.S. and Canada. Clearly millions of people had a different opinion than the author, which often happens. That's why I hate reading author interviews.

ETA: My theory is that the "anti-spoiler" frame of mind has become second nature to JKR so she wants to leave him ambiguous for any future reader out there (I think there's another quote somewhere from her to that effect.) But if we don't find him ambiguous after reading all the books several times, that's our perogative - just as with any other character in any other book.


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