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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.3

@ exl2398: Well said!

Originally Posted by LyraLovegood View Post
By this definition I find it hard to peg Severus on the anti-hero board. If Harry is the main protagonist of the story (and I really don't see how you can argue that he isn't) then Severus is an antagonist. I say this not because I think that everything Severus does is anti-Harry; obviously and demonstrably, it is not. But the story is written primarily from Harry's point of view and Harry definitely sees Severus as being in opposition and antagonistic toward him a great proportion of the time.

I'm not saying that it's wrong for anyone to say Severus is a hero or an anti-hero, or even a protagonistic character. Just that for me it makes more sense given what we have in the books to view him as an antagonist because he often seems to be opposing Harry.
But, Severus also was not the villain. Voldemort was. Since Severus plays such a hugely important part all through the series (even though we aren't aware of it until DH), and, since he is pretty much the opposite of many things that are usually part of being a hero (i.e., good looking, nice, likeable), IMO he does fit the anti-hero description. He was snarky, cold, and aloof, but, he was also brave, loyal, and able to love very deeply.


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