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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.3

1.)Do you believe that Snape's soul was still intact after he had killed Dumbledore?

Yeah, I do. I'm of the opinion that the soul only splits if the murder was for vengence, or personal gain. Snape didn't have any bad feelings towards Dumbledore (or at least not enough to murder him) and there was nothing that he could gain by killing him. Since they had it all planned out beforehand, I think Snape's soul remained intact.

2.)Do you think Snape would have moved on if Lily had not died? Would he have turned to the good side in that case?

No, and no. Lily was the first person to show Snape other than contempt or disgust- it's not easy to let go of somebody like that. And the only reason that Snape turned to Dumbledore was because his beloved Lily's life was in jeopardy. Until that point, he had no qualms with the Dark Lord.

3.)How do the revelations of DH impact your view of Snape's treatment of Harry and Neville throughout the series?

I used to hate Snape; now he just disgusts me. The idea of an evil character-however flat he was before DH- is easy to wrap my head around, "Snape is bad." "Why?" "That's just the way he is." But now... knowing how he grew up and knowing how he felt... he just disgusts me. That's my own personal opinion. If he really loved Lily, then how could he betray her like he did? Not even about the whole selling-her-to-Voldemort-thing. It started with calling her a Mudblood. I even think this has more impact because in Snape's memory, little Snape and Lily are talking and Lily asks if her being Muggle-born will make a difference to other people. Snape says no, but then to turn around and call her a Mudblood- that just makes me very angry with him.

4.)What do you think about Snape's relationship with Dumbledore? Did they become friends or was Dumbledore a substitute father figure for him?

Neither, I think; I think Snape viewed Dumbledore with contempt because Dumbledore was making him throw his life away for some kid he didn't even like, and Dumbledore viewed Snape with perhaps a mixture of pity and disgust, for the reasons I stated in earlier questions.

5.)Do you agree with the author's take on Snape's character as revealed in interviews?

No; in my opinion, Snape is no "tragic hero." He was a snarky character who loved a dead married woman who went around to treat her son like dirt. (I know I'm going to get destroyed by Snape-lovers, but that's just my opinion.)

6.)Which elements do you think make Snape the most controversial character of the series?

Him acting horribly to almost everybody vs. what he did for the Order.


I myself find it very difficult to cast Snape in the role of a Byronic hero. For one thing Snape is neither charming or attractive to women and before I am jumped on, Snape is not Alan Rickman either. Alan Rickman is both charming and attractive and he is not Snape. Charm and attractiveness is part of the characteristics of the Byronic hero. Yellow teeth, greasy stringy hair and bad manners are not. I also find it hard to blame Snape's childhood for his bad traits. At what point does an adult become responsible for his own actions? Just how long can Tobias Snape be blamed for his son's shortcomings? If Tobias is to be blame for Snape being a bully, do we blame Tobias' antecedents for Tobias' shortcomings? Do we go back to the dawn of history to find out why Snape behaved as he did? At some point blame has to be assigned to the person who is doing the bullying and in this case it is Snape. He is a grown man in a position of power over the children in his care and he is abusing it on may occasions. Snape is a grown man who has a choice about how he behaves. I imagine it would be difficult to stop a behavioural pattern that made him fell better, though why he would feel better about hurting children is beyond me. But it could be done. Snape didn't have to fawn over Harry, he could have just treated all the children in his classes the same.

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