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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.3

Originally Posted by Chrysalis View Post
All of that depends on the person, I'm afraid. Unresolved childhood issues impact everybody in different ways, and some people lash out in their anger and sorrow.
Excellent point, Chrysalis. Individuals even raised in the same household and treated the same frequently grow up to be totally different from each other. One might be kind and generous, the other nasty and stingy. There are so many things that feed into the "making" of an individual: homelife, friends, real or percieved slights, teasing and bullying, social and/or financial status...I could go on and on.

Severus is the product of, for all appearances, a dysfunctional homelife and a childhood lacking affection and attention. IMO, when Lily befriended him, she became an exception to everything else in his life. She was kind and caring, when he (IMO) saw most of the world he lived in as cold and harsh. She was a magical person, but, had no knowledge of the Wizarding World because she was Muggle-born. She was unlike anyone he'd ever known, according to what we see. I think Petunia was more what Severus was used to.

So, again MHO, Lily was elevated to a place where she was pretty near perfect in Severus' eyes. I think this is where we start to get into the "chivalrous love" that CC often refers to. I don't think Severus ever felt that his and Lily's relationship would go any further than friendship because I don't think he felt himself good enough to even ask her to be more than that. I don't think he thought anyone else (least of all, James) was worthy of her, either.

As to his striking out at Lily during SWM, I've often wondered if, when Tobias was on a rant, Severus' mother might have protected him and Tobias used that to taunt him -- having a woman protect him. If so, when James made the statement that it was a good thing Evans was there to save him, it could have echoed back to his father's taunting, and that's what caused him to say something terrible to her. (This does not excuse or condone the use of the term "Mudblood." It is only offered as a possibility for why Severus reacted so harshly during SWM.)

I've also wondered if he saw her almost smile during the time he was hanging upside down. Although the text seems to imply that his robes were covering his head, we don't know exactly where Lily was or whether he could see her from where he was suspended. If he could, and did see that, I would imagine he would have been deeply hurt. For his best friend to be amused at the things being done to him would have been a hard thing to take.


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