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Re: Hardest scene to watch

Originally Posted by LionsDisciple View Post
You know I never got attached to Micheal Gambon as Dumbledor. He never had that twinkle in his eyes like Richard Harris did, he never seemed as loving and kind, he just didn't feel at all like Dumbledor (when he grabbed Harry's ear in GoF I just about had a heart attack because to imagine Dumbledor doing anything like that is completely unsettling). I don't think he is a bad actor, I just don't think that he acts the part at all. From what I understand he never read the books and he quite clearly has no idea what kind of a character Dumbledor is.
I felt exactly the same way about Gambon in the previous three movies, but I think he was brilliant in this one. The potion drinking scene in the cave, as well as the Malfoy confrontation on the Astronomy Tower were amazing, and for me, they were the hardest scenes to watch. (And yes, I cried. Both times I watched the movie.)

I thought Tom Felton was amazing too. He was even better than I imagined him to be, and those scenes in the Room of Requirement (as well as the tower scene) were so, so sad...

I also felt extremely sad when the Burrow flared up because that was something that didn't come in the books, and so it caught me by surprise. And to think of the Burrow being destroyed is just really sad! It's one of the havens!!


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