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Re: Rate / Review the Last Film you've seen v.3

First Man--a surprisingly suspenseful movie (surprising because I know how the story ends, after all!), with lots of drama, excellent effects, a great score, and a fascinating and moving story behind the famous story of the first Moon landing. Ryan Gosling does a great job as Neil Armstrong, and the rest of the cast is strong as well. This movie got a lot of flak before its release because it didn't include a scene of Armstrong and Aldrin planting the American flag on the Moon, but really, there were plenty of reminders in the whole movie that the Moon landings were an American accomplishment--lots of flags and USAs throughout the film, although never in a jingoistic or propagandizing way. I felt that it was full of understated American patriotism, and anyone who didn't see the film because of the flag "controversy" missed an excellent movie that provided a great portrayal of one of the US's most famous accomplishments. I'm glad I saw it, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I'll be happy to watch it again in the future.

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