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Re: The NFL Football Thread v2

The helmet to helmet thing is mystifying. In college ranks, Torii Hunter Jr. was concussed on a helmet-to-helmet hit that wasn't called targeting OR defenseless player even though the guy lowered his head. Texas went on to a thrilling double overtime victory.

Newton gets abused but it isn't called mostly because he looks like a tight end in pads, I guess. Lots of missed field goal endings. Broncos got one (after freezing timeout on a kick that would have counted). Pats got one. Cowboys never got a crack at the field goal. Jets missed a new extra point and had a chippie field goal blocked. Tough to extrapolate from just one game what we're going to see. It does appear, however, that Jeff Fisher's luck may finally have run out if things don't improve A LOT in a hurry.

I finally made it!

No worries. No spoilers here.
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