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Re: Snape and Lily: Joint Character Analysis v.4

Originally Posted by silver ink pot View Post
I'm sorry, I changed my post to read that Lily was probably a prefect.

I think this is one of those implied things in the text that are not spelled out for us, such as Lily's patronus being a silver doe, which Harry seems to know all about at the end of the book but which we are never shown.

It's true that no one mentions Lily being a Prefect to Harry in OotP, but only because they are trying to make him feel better by pointing out that James wasn't one. It never comes up because Harry didn't identify with his mother at that time, and expresses no curiousity about her.
Well, Harry states (kind of out of the blue) that Lily's Patronus was a doe. I'll except that even on that thin bit of evidence, because it's there and it seems important to the story. No one ever states that Lily was a Prefect. It is an assumption that she was a Prefect and no one bothers to mention it, or note a badge on her robes, because they had other priorities. Her being a Prefect simply wasn't in the story in any way.

Originally Posted by arithmancer
That her prefect status was not mentioned, does not mean Lily was not a prefect in fifth year. I consider it highly likely she was, based on the evidence we have, to wit, that she was Head Girl later, that she was not a Quidditch captain (if she and James had played together on the team, I would consider it inconceivable no one mentioned this), that she was popular, and that she was an academic high achiever.
But it is still not said that she is a Prefect. It needs to be added to the story by us the readers in order to make her a Prefect. In order to say she is not a Prefect we don't have to subtract anything from the story. I don't want to start assigning authorities and powers to the characters when it is not indicated that they have them. I could do it just as easily with any other character, too, but I'd rather stick to the text.

After all, in OotP, was Lupin's pin mentioned? We certainly have no evidence he ever acted as a Prefect. Even though we are told he was one.
We are told Lupin is a Prefect.

Lily might even have considered herself to be acting as a prefect in the Worst Memory scene, before she lost her temper.
Or something else. First she has to be a Prefect. If she were a Prefect she might be thinking Prefect-y things. But first she has to be a Prefect.

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