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Re: Snape and Lily: Joint Character Analysis v.4

I'm sorry, I changed my post to read that Lily was probably a prefect.

I think this is one of those implied things in the text that are not spelled out for us, such as Lily's patronus being a silver doe, which Harry seems to know all about at the end of the book but which we are never shown.

It's true that no one mentions Lily being a Prefect to Harry in OotP, but only because they are trying to make him feel better by pointing out that James wasn't one. It never comes up because Harry didn't identify with his mother at that time, and expresses no curiousity about her.

Originally Posted by Bscorp
Originally Posted by CurseCruciatus
I don't recall her defending the Marauders.
I recall something where Lily said , "It's not dark magic" when Snape tries to turn the criticism back onto "Potter and his gang" 's activities. The reading I had was that she was making a comparative statement and viewing James Potter as a prat but an essentially harmless prat who was not into "dark" magic. In that sense she was mitigating the actions of the Marauders.

This begs the question again what exactly is "dark" magic as understood by these two characters? Clearly Snape seems to think Potter capable of something akin to dark magic- and perhaps in relation to Lupin's lycanthropy. Lily does not. But she also doesn't believe Lupin to be a werewolf at this point in time. Both of the perceptions are colored by their own experience. It's understandable and complex. There is no objective source here.
Here's the quote ~ Lily tells Snape he should be grateful to James about saving his life:

“It was Dark Magic, and if you think that’s funny—”
“What about the stuff Potter and his mates get up to?” demanded Snape. His color rose again as he said it, unable, it seemed, to hold in his resentment.
“What’s Potter got to do with anything?” said Lily.
“They sneak out at night. There’s something weird about that Lupin. Where does he keep going?”
“He’s ill,” said Lily. “They say he’s ill—”
“Every month at the full moon?” said Snape. . . .

“They don’t use Dark Magic, though.” She dropped her voice. “And you’re being really ungrateful. I heard what happened the other night. You went sneaking down that tunnel by the Whomping Willow, and James Potter saved you from whatever’s down there—”

There's a great deal of irony there - Lily believes that there's something dark and dreadful under the Whomping Willow and Snape should be grateful to James for saving him from it, but she refuses to believe that her friend Lupin could turn into a dark creature like a werewolf.

Lily probably also didn't know about the Invisibility Cloak and the Marauder's Map, and while being an unregistered Animagi isn't "dark," it is definitely illegal.

So given her lack of knowledge about the Marauders, and the fact that she won't believe anything Snape tells her, it almost makes sense that she views her own housemates through rose-tinted glasses, in my opinion.


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