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Re: Snape and Lily: Joint Character Analysis v.4

Originally Posted by silver ink pot View Post
Why should we think that Lily made a mature choice in choosing James and Sirius as friends over Snape when they were obviously neither mature themselves nor actually nicer to anyone? (Well, they were nicer to her - a pretty girl in their own house).
Why would we think that, if it never happened? Lily was not friends with James or Sirius at the time of SWM, nor was she right afterwards. She did not choose James and Sirius over Severus. A year later, when Lily is friends with them, it is not "obvious" that they are not mature or nice, because it is a year later, not still that moment on the playground. We know James and Sirius went on to join the Order and fight to protect others, and Severus went on to join the Death Eaters and fight to harm others, so I think I can detect a difference in the respective paths they all chose in regards to maturity and niceness. If I assume that they are changing gradually towards their respective goals, I can only conclude that it is obvious to me that James and Sirius were more mature by the time Lily was friends with them. But I also think that Severus was well out of the friends window by that point. I don't see that it was ever Lily thinking she had to choose between them because her life had to be all about one boy or the other. In my opinion it was Lily choosing to be Lily and stand up for Lily and Lily's ideals. In my opinion, those ideals included a belief that disdain for Muggleborns was wrong, and Voldemort and his Death Eaters were destructive forces that needed to be stopped.

Why is it immature of Snape to want his best friend to forgive him when he made a huge mistake?
In my opinion, it is because Severus doesn't understand the mistake that needs forgiving. It seems to me that he is sorry he upset Lily, but he doesn't get everything that she finds upsetting. Upsetting Lily seems to strike Severus as a bad thing, but disdaining Muggleborns in general, targetting them in general, and wanting to join an organization that seeks to oppress, torture, and murder in the name of blood purity doesn't seem to strike Severus as any kind of "mistake". I think it is his idea that Lily would exist in this little bubble, and not care about anything outside of it, that is immature. He puts "filthy little Mudblood" in the bubble with her and wants to take it back as the single lone mistake he has made, but Lily doesn't really live in a little bubble and she's now looking at the bigger picture, which in my view Severus fails to understand.

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