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Re: Snape and Lily: Joint Character Analysis v.4

Originally Posted by The_Green_Woods View Post
I found it interesting that Harry after nearly 3 years, was fair to both his mother and Snape. He calls the word unforgivable and he also understands the humiliation and the fury Snape felt which led to him saying this. He understands both Snape and Lily is what I come away with; he has still not seen the break up scene; at this point with only the SWM, all Harry understands is the unforgivable word Mudblood and Snape's humiliation and rage which resulted in that word being uttered.
I agree, it does show Harry to be more mature.
But something else we have to factor in is that Snape called all Muggle-borns by the word "mudblood", and Lily was kind of an exception until that point. I would understand if she felt offended if he called her kind mudbloods, even if she was an exception. It's kind of like a friend making fun of everyone in your racial group, except for you.

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