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Re: Snape and Lily: Joint Character Analysis v.4

One doesn't need to be 'friends' to actually affect someone's else's opinion. We actually see how James affected her opinion of Sev in the memory that took place after the Werewolf Incident. She still said she disliked James, but she considered Sev 'ungrateful' to James.

We can also see from that memory that Lily had caught a glimmer of what she sees as nobility in James - whether it was actually there or not. And since Sev was forbidden to discuss the situation, she doesn't get to hear his side of it. Likewise, since James cannot be loudly boasting of exactly what he saved Sev from (without outing Remus), Lily thinks James' has begun to be more humble.

I think a great deal of Lily's actions/inactions during SWM can be explained by her being disillusioned then by James' actions toward Sev - that she had believed his rescue of Sev indicated a change in him - only to find that it didn't really.

When Dumbledore asked Snape, "If you are prepared..." he didn't mean 'Have your Death Eeater robes returned from the cleaners'.
Everything we've seen Snape do, was done knowing Voldemort WOULD return someday.

And when that day would come, that he had better have the appropriate memories that would enable him to lie to Voldy's face.

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