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Re: Snape and Lily: Joint Character Analysis v.3

Originally Posted by ignisia View Post
I wouldn't really compare it to James and Sirius' friendship because those two were social and psychological equals and each seemed to value the friendship just as much as the other.

But I think Snape and Lily too, valued their friendship just as much. Only Lily broke off when Snape started hanging out with Avery and Mulciber, while James held out even when Sirius almost killed Snape and Remus IMO.

Snape grew up in a household devoid of care and, perhaps, love.
I think in this Snape and Sirius were equal.

He is going to cling rather desperately to anyone who accepts him. Lily, on the other hand, grew up with loving parents, other friends, and a sister. She was never alone, and apparently didn't understand the effect loneliness has on a person.
Somehow I don't see Snape as a clinger. I think he has enormous depth when it comes to people he considers his; but somehow I cannot think of him as someone willing to do anything to keep a friendship. Then he would have obeyed Lily in everything and would have been the inferior partner in that friendship. I don't think so. I do think however, Snape gave in a lot to Lily, but I think that was because he loved her, as a friend initially and later romantically. I think he liked giving in to her.

But otherwise I think their friendship was pretty much equal, somehow, I don;t know why.

Originally Posted by ComicBookWorm
Well we'll never know, but he sure had enough insults for Petunia before they even started school.
Snape bit off that word, so we'd never know if it was "muggle" or "mudblood" IMO. He was at that time trying to make friends with Lily and so he may have not wanted to even use the word "muggle" in front of her, because I think to Snape muggles were not nice people, because the muggle he had seen up close was not a very nice person; his father IMO.

Well she said she had been making excuses for him for years. How can any of us know how long that was? But it certainly hadn't happened just that year or even the prior one since she used the plural.
This statement IMO is not about Snape and the dark arts. I think this was a statement, said in the heat of the moment and which was very true (though not in the sense you mean I think), and for which I hope Lily would feel for later.

"I have made excuses for you for years" is IMO a harsh statement from Lily. Why do I say so?

Because she was friends with Snape and she was making excuses for him for years to the Gryffindors. That shows to me that she wanted the friendship, she liked Snape, she could not replace him for the five years they were in School in different Houses which were also enemies and with James, Sirius and Mary and even others perhaps telling Lily that Snape was a greasy git and she should stop being friends with a slimy Slytherin. To them, I think she made excuses that he was really okay, he was not bad and would they all shut up please and things like that IMO.

Those kinds of excuses I think are natural when a small girl is stubborn enough to hold on to her friendship with a boy who was so far apart from her in every way possible and at the same time when her peers are pressurising her to stop being friendly because he was a Slytherin and he was an odd ball IMO.

Those kinds of excuses slowly in fifth year after the werewolf incident(when Lily fell for James) and when Snape started hanging out with Avery and Mulciber, may have turned to excuses for being friendly. That was a very short period after which Lily stopped being friends with Snape IMO.

And that's ignoring the fact that he disregarded Petunia's privacy and read her mail.
Well Lily was on that one too IMO.

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