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Re: Snape and Lily: Joint Character Analysis v.3

Originally Posted by ignisia View Post
I disagree. I believe it was his desperation and her patience that held things together, rather than some innate "gift" of Lily's.
And I would ask the same question as TGW. I highly doubt Snape went around calling people "Mudblood" in first year after all.
Actually, I feel this likely occurred quite early on. Snape was raised in an environment which allowed him to learn all about the wizard world and it is reasonable that he knew of the racial terms used toward those of various birthrights and ideologies (Mudblood, Blood Traitor, Muggle). The group he fell in with according to Sirius and shown via Lucius' pat on the shoulder at the sorting were certainly already using them, so like Draco, he could have begun exhibiting this behavior very soon after learning the ropes.

I wouldn't really compare it to James and Sirius' friendship because those two were social and psychological equals and each seemed to value the friendship just as much as the other.

Snape grew up in a household devoid of care and, perhaps, love. He is going to cling rather desperately to anyone who accepts him. Lily, on the other hand, grew up with loving parents, other friends, and a sister. She was never alone, and apparently didn't understand the effect loneliness has on a person.

I think that was why, on Lily's side of the relationship, that friendship was easy to replace.
I agree. I feel his mum loved him in her way based on what we saw in the canon, but JKR said he was vulnerable and insecure and I feel he would attempt to cling to his friendship with Lily. I agree with everything stated before; Lily's good heart, warm nature, and patience together with Snape's desperation kept the relationship together. I would add that Snape likely had attributes we didn't see that Lily liked or she would have thrown up her hands much sooner (smart, funny or whatever). But Lily was popular, and James wasn't the only game in town, so she likely took advantage of that and dated and such which would give her a more well rounded existence I would think. James was popular also, so Lily wasn't the only fish in the sea for him; but I get the feeling that for Snape, Lily was the only duck in the pond and so his desperation could be arise not just from his background, but also from his school experience and a lack of available dates.

Originally Posted by ComicBookWorm View Post
Harry got his good heart from Lily.
I'd say from both his parents. But Lily definitely had a good heart in my view, based on what we saw in canon.


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