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Re: Snape and Lily: Joint Character Analysis v.3

Originally Posted by The_Green_Woods View Post
What I am trying to do is find a reason apart from what is given in the books, simply because I think it was a lot more complicated than what was given to me in canon. They had a friendship against all kinds of norn, really and then Lily broke it off; Snape loves her, and he continues to do so until he dies.
Why should it be more complicated than was in canon. JKR had a story to tell and she told it in canon. She gave us reasons in canon. And just in case we didn't get it from canon, JKR has also told us in interviews, which do reaffirm what we got in canon. We were given perfectly good reasons for why Lily stopped being friends with Snape. He was bigoted and openly called others Mudblood. He was involved in Dark Magic. He was friends with Jr. DEs. He thought their evil behavior was just a laugh. He wanted to join Voldemort. How many reasons do we need?

It was only her good heart and warm nature that kept her friends long after he had traveled down his dark path.

Originally Posted by The_Green_Woods View Post
Lily breaks off her friendship very firmly, but then she never even tries to get a "best friend" not one we see in canon anyway. Sirius and Remus don;t talk of Lily's friends even, let alone Lily's best friends and she was not a recluse, or someone who was socially challenged that she could not make friends IMO. That made me feel that for Lily too, Snape was irreplacable as Lily was irreplacable to Snape. Only for Lily it was a friendship she could not replace, while for Snape it was a love plus friendship IMO
I don't follow the assumptions here. We weren't shown Lily's friends because they weren't important to the plot. The Marauders were. The seven book series focused on Harry, not the prior generation. We were only shown limited backstory that directly affected Harry or the story surrounding Harry. These weren't books about the prior generation, so we weren't shown that much.

I find it hard to understand why Snape was irreplaceable to Lily. We have no canon that even hints at that. He was a good friend, but that friendship deteriorated because of Snape's actions and poor choices. Friendships can fall apart for far less good reasons than Lily had.

IMO Snape became obsessed with Lily because he lost her and was essentially responsible for her subsequent death. I don't even think it was emotionally healthy for him, since men in their late 30s never carry torches for girls they had crushes on at age 15. Most men in their late 30s can't even remember the name of girls they had crushes on at age 15.


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