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Re: Snape and Lily: Joint Character Analysis v.3

Originally Posted by wickedwickedboy View Post
I respect your view, but in my opinion, that is a huge assumption. Snape may have told Mulciber and he told another Slytherin who told a Ravenclaw, who told a Gryffindor, who told Lily. James may have told Peter who let it slip to others and eventually Lily heard. All of that is as plausible as the guess you have made in my judgment - and there are 100's of other scenarios. I don't think we can make a definitive determination as to how Lily found out; rumors spread, that is normal in a school setting. It doesn't make sense for any of the Marauders to have spoken about it; they did not want to have people speculating on what was in the tunnel - it could expose their friend and more importantly, expose what their moonlight wanderings in the evenings were all about.
What you said could have happened, but if that had, then Remus being a werewolf would not have been news in Harry's thrid year IMO. The whole School would have come to know about the monster and that it was Remus and Snape revealing Remus to be a werewolf would hardly cause any problem IMO.

I think the secret was not known to any other than those who were involved in it plus the one extra friend (Peter) or perhaps, even he did not know about it.

Originally Posted by wingardium713 View Post
To quote Dumbledore from PS/SS "What happened down in the dungeons between you and Professor Quirrel is a complete secret, so, naturally, the whole school knows." That seemed an even better case for being able to keep the entire thing hush-hush. Apparently, only Dumbledore, Harry and Quirrel should have known. Quirrel was dead and Harry had just awoken from his 3 day coma. Things like that just seem to spread in a school.
Have answered it above.

To me, I think that Lily was justified in dropping the friendship.
I really don't think Lily needs to justify ending a relationship or a friendship. The moment such things don't work, it is better to end it, rather than hurt oneself, the friend and the friendship. And I think Lily did just that. She ended the friendship because she no longer considered Snape her friend.

I don't think anyone can say she's wrong to do so; it is her right basically.

What I am trying to do is find a reason apart from what is given in the books, simply because I think it was a lot more complicated than what was given to me in canon. They had a friendship against all kinds of norn, really and then Lily broke it off; Snape loves her, and he continues to do so until he dies.

Lily breaks off her friendship very firmly, but then she never even tries to get a "best friend" not one we see in canon anyway. Sirius and Remus don;t talk of Lily's friends even, let alone Lily's best friends and she was not a recluse, or someone who was socially challenged that she could not make friends IMO.

That made me feel that for Lily too, Snape was irreplacable as Lily was irreplacable to Snape.

Only for Lily it was a friendship she could not replace, while for Snape it was a love plus friendship IMO.

So I am exploring the whys of just what went wrong apart from the obvious of Snape's friendships with Avery and Mulciber and his intention to join Voldmeort sometime in the future, simply because I think there was more IMO.

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