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Re: Snape and Lily: Joint Character Analysis v.3

Originally Posted by AliceLongbottom View Post
As for Snape, I think that he didn't mean to call her something like that so insultingly. I think that his friends (if you can call them that- Death Eaters) had a bad influence on him, and that the word was so common for them in their everyday language that I don't think he realized what an impact it would have on Lily's and his friendship. I'm not trying to justify what he did, or say that he wasn't wrong in doing so, but I do think that it wasn't entirely his fault,
A person makes a series of decisions and choices in life and they are completely responsible for them, in my judgment (unless they are medically determined to be mentally imparied and incapable of making a choice). Everyone is influenced, some people influence you more than others depending on the level of respect you have for them and like factors. But allowing someone to influence you is also a choice and so that is taken into consideration during one's deliberations that lead to his or her "choice". So I would respectfully disagree that Snape's calling Lily a Mudblood was not entirely his fault. I feel it could only be his alone because he made the choice to say it - and anything and everything he allowed to influence him into making that choice - was also a choice he made, imo.


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