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Re: Snape and Lily: Joint Character Analysis v.3

Originally Posted by wingardium713 View Post
I'm not even sure that Snape ever did consider her a Mudblood (obviously, he knew she was a muggleborn, but there is a difference between thinking of somebody as a muggleborn and thinking of them as a Mudblood, IMO). I think that he was angry and hurt at that time and he just thought up the biggest insult he could think of at the time. Unfortunately, given what they had been arguing about, that was the worst thing he could call her. And that was that.
I agree, but from Lily's viewpoint this issue went much deeper because it wasn't just Snape - others were calling her Mudblood too. The thing is, while her friends and even acquaintances would tell her that it didn't matter and that those with a blood purist attitude were wrong, she'd still feel bad. Constantly being called a racial slur or hearing others of your birth called one can make a person very hurt and a little bitter. And the situation has another aspect as well. I had a friend who was called a racial slur and what made me angry was how it made my friend feel in addition to being angry at the person who said it. Being the person I was back then, I immediately punched the guy who said it in the nose and started a brawl - very wrong I know - but my point is, afterward, my friend was not only upset at having been called a racial slur, but also because he hadn't wanted a brawl to start as a result of it. He hated that it made us (his friends) upset as well, so I didn't repeat that behavior, but he still knew that it was making us as upset as it was him.

So Snape using the slur was not just horrible to Lily because he was saying it about her; as she pointed out, she was upset because he said it to others as well because they all felt just like her when he said it. Additionally, all the people who tried to make her feel better after she was called one (by Snape and others) and defended her like Harry and Ron did for Hermione, well I'd imagine she'd feel bad that they had to be involved also - and to make matters worse; Snape and his friends called the purebloods among those people Blood Traitors, just for holding Lily and other muggleborns as equals.


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