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Re: Snape and Lily: Joint Character Analysis v.3

Originally Posted by The_Green_Woods View Post
I certainly did not say Lily was a death eater. Where did I say or imply that?
You didn't . I was just telling you something funny JKR had said on the topic.

Snape was attracted to the dark arts; there are criminal layerws who take that up as a profession, because crime fascinates them; they are not evil. Reading about the dark arts does not make one evil. To show a person is good I don;t think they should make a show of shunning the dark arts openly.
I feel this is distinctive. Criminal lawyers, attempting to understand the criminal mind in order to defend their prosecution and convince a jury, will study and/or learn about criminal behavior from experts. However, I feel Snape's purpose was evident enough to Lily that she did not see Snape's fascination as a good thing. That is, Snape was not studying them to enlarge his academic scope or in order to fight against them in her eyes (find defenses for them) or I feel she would have been fine with it - even encouraged him. However, as JKR said, Lily didn't see her friendship with Snape becoming anything more due to his being drawn to loathsome dark arts friends and acts. Note, JKR indicated that Lily found the things Snape was drawn to in relation to the dark arts loathsome, that means she was averse to them, imo, based on what she felt the purpose was behind Snape's fascination.

I agree with you that to show someone is good they do not have to openly shun the dark arts and that whole way of thinking. However, in the case of Snape, he openly called other's Mudblood, and blood purism is largely what Voldemort's evil regime rested upon. Additionally, Snape invented dark curses and practiced them (Sectumsempra was his favorite - DH/Fallen Warrior; he knew more dark curses than many 7th years coming in - GoF; and shown in SWM, aimo). JKR also indicated that Snape was planning to join Voldemort as he wished to be an impressive person and he believed it would impress Lily. Lily accused him of this in DH-TPT, so apparently Snape's acts and behavior led her to believe what JKR said was true. Thus, in my judgment, Snape was openly showing than he embraced the dark arts, rather than merely studying them for academic or defensive purposes.

Lily on the other hand, was moving away from Snape. So she did not even bother to call on Snape and ask him if he was okay after the werewolf incident, which she would have had she beena friend at that time.
While I would not be able to agree that Lily didn't ask Snape how he was since we came in on the middle of a conversation; I would agree that at the time of that conversation the friendship was deeply on the rocks. I also agree that by SWM it was all but non existent as she didn't speak to Snape at all throughout the entire scene until he called her a filthy little Mudblood and she told him off.

Not only she does not bother to see if Snape was alright on her own, she also never asks after him, when she see him in the memory we saw IMO.
Well to be fair, whoever told Lily the story likely told her that James had saved Snape prior to his coming to any harm. She didn't indicate that Snape had been saved from fighting a monster, only that he'd seen what was down there and was rescued from it harming him (DH TPT).


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