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Re: Snape and Lily: Joint Character Analysis v.3

Originally Posted by ComicBookWorm View Post
What could she have been expected to do--start a hex fight with James and Sirius? Shoot first and ask questions later? She did what would be expected--try to get them to stop. And then Snape insulted her with the worst insult possible, while she was trying to help him.
She did not start anything because she, by that time did not care either about Snape or the friendship was the point I was trying to make. Lily was not a friend in the SWM was what I was trying to say in my previous posts. And I certainly don't hold it against her; she was not Snape's mother that she had to keep trying. There was no obligation for her and on her part to keep a friendship she did not want.

IMO by the SWM Lily had moved so far away from Snape, so much that the friendship was only on paper.

Snape after the DADA exam comes out all alone and sits all by himself. That is also an indication all was not well with the 2 previously best friends IMO.

Which also I don't hold against her BTW.

They were friends for five or six years. How long was she supposed to put with it? Again, this seems to blame Lily for Snape's bad choices.
Of course she need not put up with it. And she did not either IMO. And I don't think I am blaming Lily for Snape's bad choices.

All I am saying is

1) Snape and Lily were very good friends for 6 years.

2) Lily IMO certainly was not trying to keep Snape on the good side for all the 6 years.

3) I think Lily was very much aware of Snape's dark arts obssession and was pretty much okay with it, because he was only reading, not practising. We NEVER see Lily accuse Snape of practising the dark arts.

4) She moved away from Snape starting around the werewolf incident and broke away after the SWM.

5 She was until then really, really good friends with Snape.

6) There was no other best friend mentioned in the books for Lily after Snape IMO. So, I also think his place was not filled once Lily broke off with Snape.

Originally Posted by wickedwickedboy View Post
Oh, I misinterpreted your words then. What did you mean? You know there used to be a theory that Lily was a Death Eater. JKR addressed this question on her website: Was Lily a Death Eater? Her only response was: "How Dare You!"
I certainly did not say Lily was a death eater. Where did I say or imply that? Snape was attracted to the dark arts; there are criminal layerws who take that up as a profession, because crime fascinates them; they are not evil. Reading about the dark arts does not make one evil. To show a person is good I don;t think they should make a show of shunning the dark arts openly.

I agree, however, I had forgotten it had happened sometime before. If he is sitting there looking and acting just fine, why would she ask him if he was okay?
I respectfully disagree with you on this. IMO the way Lily acted was not that of a friend, let alone a best friend. If someone had a close shave with death, I think their family and friends would first check them out for any injuries and then ask them if they are okay.

Lily on the other hand, was moving away from Snape. So she did not even bother to call on Snape and ask him if he was okay after the werewolf incident, which she would have had she beena friend at that time.

Not only she does not bother to see if Snape was alright on her own, she also never asks after him, when she see him in the memory we saw IMO.

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