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Re: Snape and Lily: Joint Character Analysis v.3

Originally Posted by Raelis View Post
Many girls and young women pay attention to a man's appearance and social status when they are in search of a suitable partner. It may not be the most important factor, but it does play a significant role, especially for young girls. Snape was not just unattractive, he is often described as ugly. Given that Lily fell for James Potter who was as different from Snape as it was possible to be, I'd say Snape's chances of ever becoming Lily's romantic interest were zero.
He was never a romantic interest for her. He was a childhood friend, not a boyfriend. But they were friends for five or six years, so if his appearance bothered her, she wouldn't have been his friend for so long. We would need even a slight hint in canon that she didn't like his appearance, and the only thing we have is the opposite since he was strangely dressed when they first met and she didn't care.

BTW James Potter was not handsome. Harry has never been described as good looking, rather he is average in appearance.

Originally Posted by Raelis View Post
It was really easy for JKR to include some scenes or hints showing that Lily and Snape's friendship was solid and genuine. She chose not to, and that's why I have to work with what I have.
Those scenes were not important to the plot. But we do have the fact that they remained friends for five or six years, despite being in different houses.

It isn't fair to the characters or the story to fault them for something that wasn't included. There wasn't enough room to satisfy the curiousity of every fan. We were shown what was essential to propel the storyline. I think it's better to discuss what was in the plot instead of what wasn't.


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