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Re: Snape and Lily: Joint Character Analysis v.3

Originally Posted by Raelis View Post
She accepted the friendship because Snape intrigued her. He was the only one to provide her with an explanation of her strange abilities, and she had no reasons to disbelieve him. If Snape hadn’t told her about the Wizarding world, she would have probably not given him the time of day, seeing as he was so poor and weird.

No, I certainly don’t think so. At least from what I see in canon, they don’t really seem equal to me. Lily obviously has the upper hand – Snape’s the one who needs the friendship, not her. She’s popular, pretty and outgoing (from what I can see), unlike him. She doesn’t depend on the relationship with Sev as much as he does on the relationship with her.
Very interesting, Raelis. For I always thought until Lily fell for James and started moving away from Snape, their friendship was very much equal. Mainly because Snape would not have repented as he did and love her as he did, until he died, had they not had a friendship that was mutually satisfying. In fact I would also say that Lily too not only knew about the dark arts but also read along with Snape.

If they were not happy with each other, the frienship I feel would have fallen apart much earlier. I thought she was content with Snape and was happy with his friendship, and it is only from JKR that we have news that Lily was a popular girl; we don;t see one close friend apart from Snape as we do for James, Sirius, Harry, Draco even in the books. When she was not with Snape and she was in Gryffindor Tower, I think she hung around with Mary McDonald. But that's it IMO.

We don't see one friend of Lily on page, not when she writes to Sirius in DH. Sirius and Remus don't say anything about her "best friends" or even her friends. I think they did not, because there was only Snape and no other friend she was really close to and that information would have made Harry look at Snape completely differently.

It was only Dumbledore who had promised Snape he would never tell Harry; but no one really tells Harry about his mother's friends, which is surprising IMO. I think Sirius and Remus don't because there weren't other friends apart from Lily IMO.

I think, though, that they were quite equal when it came to intelligence. They were both good, extremely gifted and creative students. Apparently they shared the same interests (potions), so they probably always had interesting topics to discuss
I agree, same interests including the dark arts IMO acually.

However, judging by the way Lily talks to Snape in almost every single scene, it seems like he constantly has to defend himself as she berates and criticizes him. The scene where Snape brings up the subject of the Marauders and Lily immediately cuts him off is very telling, in my opinion. It’s like Lily wasn’t used to hearing any objections and wouldn’t tolerate if Snape ever tried arguing with her. All of this makes me come to a conclusion that Lily had a rather bossy and domineering character. Whether the friendship lasted or not was entirely up to her.
We saw those scenes when they started getting ot know each other, which was probably a whole year before Hogwarts and then, we saw the reasons for the break up. When we came to the werewolf incident, it's Snape who's hanging on to the friendship, desperate to not let go; Lily was not a friend IMO in that memory itself. her reactions are not what a best frined would have.

But between the time of the first memory and the SWM, there were almost 6 years. And Lily and Snape despite being in Houses that were enemies were best friends IMO.

Lily's Gryffindor mates could not satisfy her need for friendship like Snape did, because had they done so, Lily and Snape would not have been best friends for such a long time IMO.

Her love for James Potter decided her friendship with Snape. She knew subconciously that James and Snape would never get along and she chose her love over friendship IMO.

Ironically James chose exactly the opposite when he chose the SK (not the switch); he chose friendship over family IMO.

Of course at the same time Snape was also hanging out with Avery and Mulciber. But I do feel that Lily would have been able to pull him away from being a DE, had she not fallen for James IMO.

She would have slapped him and told him not to do that and I believe Snape would have obeyed. But sadly for Snape, she was not willing to make the effort, because she had started moving away IMO.

I am not blaming her for Snape's mistakes BTW, I only feel, she was not as committed as she was to the frinendship at a time Snape desperately needed it. It was all very sad IMO.

Lily… I’m afraid I don’t see her as a very loyal friend either. She wasn’t at all concerned about Sev’s well-being when she brought up the subject of the Werewolf incident, and her behaviour in SWM was rather strange for a friend, to say the least. So, I guess, where Snape could have been cleverer and more independent, Lily could have been more loyal.
Lily was not a loyal friend when we see her; because we see her at the end of their friendship; in fact I would go further and say she was not a friend at all at that time. But I would also say that she and Snape were really the best of friends, they enjoyed each other's company and they were very content with each other until then.

Also unlike other friends they would be together not only during School time, but also during holidays; and I don't think they ever got tired of each other and they were very happy with each other IMO.

We know practically nothing about their friendship, so I can only speculate. Judging by what I see in canon, they believed themselves to be the best friends, but weren’t particularly close. Both of them would have outgrown their superficial “friendship”, even if Sev had never become a Death-Eater, IMO.
It was "superficial from the time of the werewolf incident; but before that I do think it was very fulfilling IMO.

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