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Re: World of Warcraft

Originally Posted by Mireille View Post
But, I must say, the Horde do the same thing. They call their friends too so it's not a strategy that's foreign to either side.
Haha, I suppose so. While Outland World PvP can be attempted at any level, I think that ultimately it belongs to level 70s. I haven't been to Nagrand yet, I've just hit level 65 and I am currently finishing all the Terrokar quests I can do, so I don't know how Halaa is on my server.

By the way, I'd like to have you guys' (and girls' ) opinion on this matter : I'd really like to have a Talbuk mount, but which way is it easier / less tedious to get ? Exalted with the Kurenai/Mag'Har or Halaa marks ?

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