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Re: Underage magic - is the MOM really on top of it?

Originally Posted by lflores View Post
This is how I always saw the law to work. To help enforce the Statue of Secrecy and also to make sure younger wizards don't pick on muggles. This would explain why Harry got in trouble for Dobby (Aunt Marge is hurt/affected), why he got in trouble for the Patronus in OotP (Dudley is hurt/affected), and why he didn't for the Lumos charms or other such charms done at 4 Privet. Tonks, Dumbledore, and the Weasley's have all done magic at that adress.
When Harry gets in trouble for Dobby, no harm is done. It was just a smashed pudding. The Masons, who were visiting the Dursleys, were upset by the owl from the Ministry. They didn't see any magic. I don't think that it matters wether someone is hurt/affected or not. It's simply unfair for those who live with muggles. All others could get away with it (unless wizarding parents turn their children in).

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