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Re: World of Warcraft

Originally Posted by Rappy28 View Post
I am currently trying out the hazardous combination of World of Warcraft and medical school. So far both are going well... I started playing on official servers only a month ago, so my Troll rogue (I've known Warcraft since I was 5, and I've always been a big Troll fan ) is only level 20. I play on a French RP server, the Sentinels.
Although my main is only lvl 20, I know quite a bit about the game, but that's because I've played for over a year using rather illegal means I will not expand on.

I just can't make money though. I mean it. How do you people do it ? Seriously... I put a lot of stuff in the AH, but as soon as I get the silver by mail I spend it all on my profession and upgrades.
Lol you're level 20 right now, so im guessing wool is coming in pretty nicely? Get a buddy to run you through vc a couple times, and just collect all the wool... sell the stacks for approx 70s each (depending on ure server prices)

As you level up move onto silk, a 1g - 2g each etc etc...

If that isnt your thing... go into tailoring. At your level just making 8 - 10 slotters will rake in plenty of money for equipment and or skills etc...

i've never had much of a gold problem in wow.. im usually the one who lends my higher level friends gold, (my main is only 33... go figure eh..)

Anyways yah, i play on the PvP server archimonde.. but with school and such have no more time for WoW.. i will probably pick it up again over the summer, buy 2 months worth of time and play it out over the summer then let it sit for another year :P

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