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Re: The Malfoys, evil or not?

One very important lesson that I think JKR was pretty intent on expressing in these books was that everyone (even Voldemort, at a young age) is not either completely good or completely evil.

She further defines that when Dumbledore emphasizes that it's our choices that make us who we are.

So people are not simply good or evil, but the choices they make define their lives as such. If you have two tigers, whichever one you feed most often is going to be the bigger, stronger tiger.

The Malfoys obviously fed their evil side more than they fed their good side - and in the end, it really didn't do them much good, did it? The thing about always choosing the dark side is that then you are surrounded by thieves and scoundrels who you have to rely on.... and they will cheat you just as quickly as they cheated everyone else to get where they are.

But as for the main question, again, I think the plot shows that the best, most respected characters (DD) come into question, and the bad characters are not without their original redeeming qualities, or at least the glimmer of their original possibility.

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