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Cartoon Soundtrack CDs

Hi everyone. Not posted here in a while, but I figured anyone interested in 80s nostalgia might be interested in this post, and there are bound to be a few of you.

Recently I've noticed that soundtrack CDs for 80s cartoons are suddenly becoming a 'thing'. The 80s was 30 years ago, yet specialist soundtrack labels have decided that there is money to be made from these things and they've started to be released. Namely:

Ulysses 31 2-CD set (137 minutes)

Inspector Gadget 30th anniversary set (55 minutes)

He-Man 2-CD set (130 mins, this was actually from 2015 and I've mentioned it here before)

Transformers: The Movie (78 mins)

Have I missed any? Please tell me because I'd probably buy it!

I guess most of you know already that 80s Transformers composer Rob Walsh and Sony are putting together the tv music for an album later this year. Word is that it's going to be on blu-ray only. I hope that's wrong, because I don't have a blu-ray player... CD please

And a CD of all the music from Duck Tales: Treasure of The Lost Lamp is being released next week as well.

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