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New He-Man soundtrack 2-CD set

I could have posted this in the music thread but He-Man is a TV show so I figured it's of more interest to people in this section.

Yes, someone has finally hauled the music tapes for this classic 80s cartoon series out of the vaults and given them a deluxe 2-CD release.

I love this music. Shuki Levy composed the score - as he did for other 80s cartoons like Inspector Gadget and the Mysterious Cities of Gold. I haven't stopped playing it since it arrived in the post.

A 20 minute CD was released some years ago but this new release has over 2 hours of classic He-Man music to enjoy. I had long since given up hope of any 80s cartoon soundtracks being released so it's fantastic to see that era getting some attention!

La La Land Records in the US have released this set. I've purchased plenty of their CDs and I can highly recommend them (The Untouchables, Clue, and Innerspace to name but a few). You can buy the set at their site below. Apparently there are about 500 copies left from a 3000 print run.

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