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Re: Person of Interest

It's been the equivalent of a full season since I last commented. We've seen the rise of Samaritan, and a reshuffling of the cast yet again.

Sarah Shahi is pregnant again. Wonderful news for her and her husband (sorry, can't remember his name). Somehow, her pregnancies always seem to fall when she has a quality show to anchor. It's weird. She got pregnant the first time early in the shooting of Life's second season. Now, this. They've had the opportunity to show us how both machines think and learn, and the influence Harold has had over Her. They've taken the opportunity to nod at the Shoot pairing. It's quite amusing, and more than a little sexy. However, in spite of the fact that each character finds the other impressive, even attractive, and they have a good working relationship--I always got the sense both were being played as straight. So, this felt like a little smile for the fans before Shahi goes off to maternity leave. They don't expect her back for two seasons!!!

It's interesting, but I don't quite buy it.

I finally made it!

No worries. No spoilers here.
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