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Re: Neville Longbottom: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by flimseycauldron View Post
I would have rather seen anyone else kill Nagini. Preferably Ron or Ginny (considering the fact that Nagini almost killed Arthur). I like symmetry. I get that war is random. And you never know who is going to step up to the plate in the end. But there are alot of parallels between Harry and Neville (after all he could have been the One if Voldemort had chosen differently) and I would have been happier if JKR had continued in the same vein.
I think that symmetry is there, though, with Neville killing Nagini. Neville could have been chosen, and Neville is the one who destroys Voldemort's final horcrux. Neville is the one who finally renders Voldemort mortal. I think that is fitting and significant for the boy who could have been chosen.


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