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Re: The Avengers

It was actually a good effort. Fairly well constructed (thanks, JW), each of the members of the Initiative had a role to play, and I liked the performances. Hopefully Favreau was taking notes about what worked in this film so that his next Iron Man sequel can live up to this totally reachable standard.

But that's just it, The Incredible Hulk flopped creatively twice (Ang Lee's effort was actually better than whoever directed Norton). Thor was loud and splashy, but a bit disorganized. The Iron Man sequel was didn't have the panache of the first. Only Captain America managed to deliver as much as if not more than expected both in terms of profit and quality (and there's a portion of fandom who remain highly dissatisfied with the selection of Chris Evans as Steve Rogers). This effort (with Wheedon helming the entire ensemble) actually validated all the misfit pieces of the last couple of years.

I finally made it!

No worries. No spoilers here.
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