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Re: The Avengers

Avengers did indeed do the job. And yes, the Hulk did steal the movie. It was awesome to see them take the leash off and let him go psycho.

Box office update: 'The Avengers' posts second-best opening day ever with $80.5 mil

Moviegoers assembled! Disney’s The Avengers debuted to a gargantuan $80.5 million on Friday, including $18.7 million from Thursday midnight showings, according to early estimates.

That gives the $220 million Marvel superhero film the second-largest opening day ever, behind only last year’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2, which earned $91.1 million its first day. It also means that the opening weekend record, also held by Deathly Hallows — Part 2 with $169.2 million, is in jeopardy. Depending on how well The Avengers holds up on Saturday and Sunday, the movie will finish the weekend somewhere between $160 million and $200 million. My guess at this point: a record-breaking $180 million.

What The Avengers really has going for it, though, is that audiences absolutely love it.

The 3-D movie, which was directed by fanboy favorite Joss Whedon, earned a rare “A+” rating from CinemaScore participants. With an “A+” grade, The Avengers joins the company of such crowd-pleasing movies as Die Hard, E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, A Few Good Men, Forrest Gump, The Help, The Incredibles, The King’s Speech, The Lion King, and Titanic. That’s good company to be in, and it means that even though a huge amount of people rushed out to see The Avengers on opening day, those moviegoers are now in the process of encouraging their more hesitant friends to also check out the film.

Spoilers just because;
Spoiler: show
Seeing our heroes fight each other was classic. And the Thor vs. Hulk match even more so. And then later after they tag team against one of the giant alien things, as it died the Hulk suckerpunches Thor. And as laugh-out-loud funny as that was, when Loki squares off against the Hulk and starts ranting at him, the Hulk cuts him off by picking him up and slamming him repeatedly against the concrete ground, leaving him unconscious in a small crater. The action was startingly fast and brutal. And up to that point, almost everyone Loki had talked to had been either manipulated, dominated, deceived, or killed. The Hulk's contemptuous utterance "Puny god," was perfect.

Something that many won't know about unless you're into the comic-book genre;
The scene where Loki was finalizing that deal with that alien, and that alien's ability to inflict pain upon Loki. That alien was a subordinate to Thanos, who we see in the mid-credits scene. Fighting Thanos will be epic

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