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Re: Catching Fire (2013)

LA Times
Directors'Catching Fire' director: Lionsgate eyeing Cronenberg, Innaritu, Cuaron

The master list is seven or eight names long, all men, and all have some significant credits to their name. Lionsgate is basically hoping to re-create the "Harry Potter" moment when Warner Bros. brought Alfonso Cuaron to direct the third film in the series. (Chris Columbus left after helming the first two.) Cuaron was a creative choice who excited critics, journalists and author J.K. Rowling, who all were interested in what the director of "Y Tu Mama Tambien" would do with the series.

In fact, Cuaron is in the mix for "Catching Fire," along with David Cronenberg and Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, among others. All have been working in the industry for decades and trend more toward darker, indie fare than commercial hits.
Cronenberg wouldn't do this but I absolutely loved what Cuaron did with the Prisoner of Azkaban so I would say yes to him./

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