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Re: Dolores Jane Umbridge: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by crmdy1023 View Post
[staff edit]I cant imagine her in any other house but Slytherin simply because of her loathing of magical creatures n her pro wizard anti muggle attitude.

But didn't Phineas Nigellus say that Snape was the first Slytherin Head since himself though. I just feel that just because she is prejudiced against "half-breeds" and "muggleborns" it doesn't necessarily make her a Slytherin. By the way a lot of Wizards talk there appears to be a subtle prejudice against creatures such as house elves, centaurs and 'half giants' anyway. Hagrid and Madam Maxime were both fearful of openly stating they had Giant relatives implying that most Wizards would still discriminate against them. Also once Snape revealed Lupin was a werewolf Dumbledore got many letter's from parents of students complaining.

I also get the feeling that Prejudice like this was also much more common place before the first Wizarding war, in the same was Racism was much more socially acceptable until around the 1960's in the Muggle world. If this was true there would have been people with these sorts of attitudes in all houses.

I also have an issue with the idea that just because someone's prejudice and cruel they are most likely Slytherin. I think that's the way the house appears simply because that's how Harry saw it and the book's were from his point of view. If we take out the preconception that Slytherins are all prejudiced, never something The Sorting Hat specifically states as a house trait, in my opinion it seem's to open the option for Umbridge up much more.

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