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Re: Dolores Jane Umbridge: Character Analysis

I'm not sure if Jo has ever addressed this but does anyone know which house Umbridge was sorted into. After re-watching OOTP my first reaction was that she had to be Slytherin simply because of how ambitious and power hungry she was, but for me it just didn't seem right for her. I'm thinking that maybe she was a Hufflepuff.

I know that she is cruel and twisted but Hufflepuff's are exemplified by four things to me: Their kindness, loyalty, sense of justice and hard work. Although she was cruel, whenever she dealt out punishment or spoke publicly she always seemed to try to appear kind and reasonable. She definitely had loyalty to Fudge and I feel, that although much of what she did was evil, she felt everything she did was justified to keep justice. Finally she must have been hard working to reach the position that high in the Ministry.

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