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Re: Dolores Jane Umbridge: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by GrimeldaDursley View Post
I have a question myself: Did Umbridge ever actually know who was pulling the strings at the Ministry of Magic when Voldemort took over?
Hmm...I don't think she knew or cared, for that matter. I think she's a xenophobe, and like Lucius Malfoy would prefer to stay within a society composed entirely of upper-class Purebloods. Anything that serves to separate and elevate her and her cohort from the hoi polloi is preferable.

As such, I do not think that she would have supported whoever was Minister. I suspect she would have found Dumbledore's views on social justice almost abhorrent, if he had become Minister. But while Voldemort was pulling the strings, she agreed with the prevailing policy, and so had no problem putting her full weight behind executing that policy. It also worked while Scrimgeour was Minister, because the brand of paranoia he was selling exerted its greatest impact on the groups she was trying to distance herself from anyway.

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